New website and new offerings

Welcome to the new Safe & Healthy website!

After a recent trip to The States to see how they improve the health and well-being of their employees we are making a change. After 6 years of helping numerous companies with their RTW strategies we are adding Wellness to our packages.

Our industry proven results speak for themselves, overseas companies are now adding employee health statistics to board presentations, employee health has never been a hotter topic. This  week we are spending some time at the Musculoskeletal Disorders symposium, which is focusing on prevention! Something we have been doing for years now with our clients.

Some easy ways to prevent injuries:

1) Have an expert create some Job Task diaries for your high risk tasks

2) Onsite stretching posters and warm up activities

3) Screen your employees for risks for MSK disorders

4) Pre-employment screenings, ensure if you do find a risk you need to act

5) Manual Handling seminars, not just your old boring bend the knees seminar, PARTICIPATORY ERGONOMICS!

If you want some more information on Participatory Ergonomics contact us and we can organise a free consultation with our experts, click above.