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Energy Drinks – a perfect product fit

What you need to know about energy drinks   Young workers, high physical demands, shift-work, long hours and repetitive tasks are the cocktail Safe & Healthy usually see when called on to discuss with a work site the overconsumption of “ENERGY DRINKS”. Some employers are considering banning energy drinks from some sites due to rising […]

Employers Opportunity Part 1/3

Understanding why people don’t seek better health……. an Employer’s opportunity This is part 1 of 3 entries in which we raise questions and look at solutions for every day health mysteries such as why we choose to eat a chocolate bar, not get up early to exercise, do not go to the Doctors and generally […]


Both organic and conventionally-grown foods can provide all the nutrients required when included as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Neither is better or worse from a nutrition standpoint. Like any purchase, buying food is a personal choice – often based on a number of factors, including availability, cost, taste and environmental concerns. So at […]