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Energy Drinks – a perfect product fit

What you need to know about energy drinks   Young workers, high physical demands, shift-work, long hours and repetitive tasks are the cocktail Safe & Healthy usually see when called on to discuss with a work site the overconsumption of “ENERGY DRINKS”. Some employers are considering banning energy drinks from some sites due to rising […]

How alcohol affects your breathing

Just finished SOBER OCTOBER? Does your breathing feel better?   IT SHOULD!   Asthma is a condition that causes peoples airways to become narrow, it becomes difficult to breath and it can be life threatening. Many people with asthma dread the change of seasons and any TRIGGER can set them off. WHATS THE SCIENCE? TRIGGERS […]

National Work Safe month – October 2018

Minister O’Dwyer asks employers and workers in all workplaces and industries to commit to taking a safety moment every day this October. Click this link to go to the video. This month we are working with manufacturers and their employees with a participatory framework, analysing perceived risk and taking appropriate action. This is part of […]

Stress & Fatigue

Employers have an obligation under the workplace Health and Safety act 2011 to do what is reasonably practical to eliminate or minimise psychological hazards in the workplace. Mental Stress costs Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year. To your organisation, the impact of a psychological stress claim is real with typical time off work […]

Why does your back hurt?

Do you have back pain, have been to see the GP and been diagnosed with disc degeneration or arthritis? Or has an employee currently at home resting due to a back strain or a disc bulge? Sounds familiar right? Well the research is clear, its time to get back on the horse and develop some […]

Employers opportunity 3/3 – The use of incentives

Understanding why people don’t seek better health. This is part 3 of 3 entries in which we raise questions and look at solutions for every day health mysteries such as why we choose to eat a chocolate bar, not get up early to exercise, not go to the Doctors and generally make poor decisions when […]

The Injury Symposium

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) symposium 2017 Safe & Healthy talking to industry leaders at MSD symposium. In 2017, Workcover data showed us that 47% of claims were MSD in origin, thats why prevention is the key! At Safe & Healthy prevention also encompasses strategies to manage an injury to ensure we reduce common law claims. Only […]

New website and new offerings

Welcome to the new Safe & Healthy website! After a recent trip to The States to see how they improve the health and well-being of their employees we are making a change. After 6 years of helping numerous companies with their RTW strategies we are adding Wellness to our packages. Our industry proven results speak for […]

PPE…Whats the cost?

Combining our health knowledge and recent literature Safe and Healthy  look at the cost of using a Respirator mask to protect the worker from airborne contaminants. We know that when users are required to wear a mask they cannot perform work as long or as hard while wearing the mask. But WHY?? Using a mask […]