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How alcohol affects your breathing

Just finished SOBER OCTOBER? Does your breathing feel better?   IT SHOULD!   Asthma is a condition that causes peoples airways to become narrow, it becomes difficult to breath and it can be life threatening. Many people with asthma dread the change of seasons and any TRIGGER can set them off. WHATS THE SCIENCE? TRIGGERS […]

National Work Safe month – October 2018

Minister O’Dwyer asks employers and workers in all workplaces and industries to commit to taking a safety moment every day this October. Click this link to go to the video. This month we are working with manufacturers and their employees with a participatory framework, analysing perceived risk and taking appropriate action. This is part of […]

Coordinated vs Integrated Care

From a recent Queensland conference it was clear that early Allied health intervention to injured workers makes a difference. Of course we know that, and have known that for some time, what was also interesting was the clear role that communication and direct management play in improving outcomes. In Queensland last financial year, 47% of […]