National Work Safe month – October

Minister O’Dwyer asks employers and workers in all workplaces and industries to commit to taking a safety moment every day this October. Our Director James Fletcher spoke about how Wellness interacts with Safety, click here to check it out.

This month we are working with manufacturers and their employees with a participatory framework, analysing perceived risk and taking appropriate action. This is part of our preventative action plan for our partners, the answers are already there they just need to be uncovered. At all our sites we will produce an actionable report at the end of this month for employers to see the risks and discuss appropriate actions.

Participatory frameworks allow all stakeholders to be involved in the information gathering and discussion components of risk analysis. It’s getting easier to look at physical tasks that are a risk, but it’s more challenging to look at psychological risk factors for mental health safety. One big one we consistently see is Sleep & Fatigue, click here for some more information.

Safe & Healthy

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