Pre-Employment Checks, driving a diverse workforce!

What is a Pre-Employment check?

What is a Pre-Employment assessment, medical?

What is a Pre-Employment screening, functional assessment?

It’s all a little bit confusing, so let’s spend the next 8 minutes explaining some of these tools, why they are important, and how they are contributing to a more diverse workforce.

  1. Pre-Employment check – there are various check employers should do prior to hiring an individual. This “CHECK” process is usually paper based and covers things such as background, previous employment, social media trawl, blue card for working with children etc etc etc and usually covered by HR or external providers. What in this persons background will make them a good hire, or not so good hire for the new role?

2. Pre-Employment Assessment, medical – This is when your potential new employee goes to an external provider to undertake general medical assessments to set a baseline for their health.

 What to expect from Pre-Employment Assessment?

  1. Drug and alcohol screening
  2. Driving assessments
  3. Vision tests
  4. Hearing tests
  5. Lung Function Tests
  6. General fitness tests

This assessment sets a baseline of health for both parties. It’s especially important for jobs at higher risk of illness or injury. EG: Working with toxic chemicals can damage lung tissue over time. Its critical for employers to set a baseline of health upon hiring so that employee health can be monitored for any signs of health risks due to chemical exposure.

Once this baseline is set, vision, hearing, lung function, etc., the employee and employer can monitor the health of their staff to ensure no changes occur due to their work environment.

Pre-Employment Screening, functional assessment

At Safe & Healthy we believe in any person for any role, as long as we can give new employees enough time to harden their body to the new role. We are onsite around the nation and have been heavily involved in creating a diverse workforce in some of the harshest conditions, traditionally a blue-collared burly male workforce is transforming in front of our eyes.

Industries have been forced to think outside of their box and look for talent elsewhere, and this is where the Functional Assessment can have real impact on a potential new hire.

Today technology allows us to perform these assessments online, what the potential new candidate has done in the past 3 months, what their previous role was, what their current physical capacity is and what their new job is will determine the outcome of the assessment. The above graph shows you the research we use to determine the best candidate for the role, and also how long it will take your candidate to become fully operational.

What to expect from a Pre-Employment?

Depending on the role an organisation is hiring for, will determine what tests a candidate will undertake.

EG: In a manual handling assessment, typically candidates will be asked to perform push-ups, sit-ups, planks, full squat and lifting tasks.

Based on the questions and assessment, employers and employees will be given 2 things.

  1. Work Hardening Program – what the candidate will need to work on to reduce the risk of new hire injury. Committing to their responsibility to be fit and ready to perform their role. Technology now allows us to monitor this, how committed is the new employee to be fit and ready for their new role?

Will this assist companies in hiring the right person for their role?

2. Work Ramp up Protocol – for the candidate, how long does it take to become fully operational and what does that plan look like?

Safe & Healthy use the latest in science and research to develop a new hire plan for these individuals to reduce the risk of injury and live up to the motto “any person for any role”

What are the benefits of Pre-Employment Screenings?

  1. Reduce likelihood of new hire injury

2. Manage OCC. health and Safety risks onsite, now and for the future

3. Risk management for potential future claims

4. Understand health and wellness of employees so the organisation can develop programs to address these

5. INcrease the chance your new hires become long-term employees

6. Set expectations, employees also have an obligation to turn up fit and ready to perform their role

By no means is this exhausting, but now, online, you can screen your employees and develop a plan for success with Safe & Healthy

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