Managing Fatigue

Get your employees to the end of their shift safely with our frontline manager training

Teach your employees the value of good sleep, learn how to manage shift-work and jet lag and start to prioritise sleep as the basis for good health 

This fatigue program will provide a sleep test to your high-risk employees and provide ongoing support to one of the biggest risks onsite

2 x 20min online, on-demand workshops that empower your employees and managers to improve their sleep health, get tired workers to the end of their shift safely and get help when its needed.

Who’s it for?

Those operating fixed or mobile plant, including driving vehicles.
Night or shift workers who would ordinarily be sleeping.
Undertakers of critical tasks that require high level of concentration.
Repetitive or cyclic procedures or task handling.

How it works

Fatigue culture is a shared responsibility for managers and employees. We start with a review of your Fatigue policy and discussing with management their view of the risks onsite

Develop plan and begin to rollout the online module to all individuals onsite

Secondly, the manager training module, help them get tired workers to the end of the shift safely

Ongoing support: All high-risk individuals can be offered an at home sleep delivered to their door

 Together, your organisation will learn how to calculate risk and fatigue, respond to levers and restructure tasks to maximise productivity safely. Those with serious sleep issues have access to sleep testing and treatment pathways for success with Australia’s leading provider.

What’s included?


Carlton United Brewery reduced slips, trips, falls and accidents by 17% over a 3 month period.


For Business:

Get tired workers to the end of their shift safely
Lower incidence of accident & injury
Risk management strategy for tired workers
Improved compliance to WHS act
Decrease in medical costs & compensation claims

For Employees:

Better health outcomes, short & long term
Improved Sleep health
A greater understanding of factors leading to increased fatigue
Encourage an open discussion with onsite supervisors


Reduce Fatigue Impact

Responding to fatigue levers and learning to re-task and restructure to maximise productivity safely.

Shared Action

Empower employees to take control of their fatigue and sleep health. Give leaders the skills to ask the right questions and take appropriate actions.

Ongoing Support

Insomnia, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Shift-work and Sleep Health are serious issues in the workplace. Individuals wanting private consultations are accommodated and empowered with industry leading solutions

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