Manual Handling Training in Brisbane

33% of all compensation claims in the workplace stem from a manual handling injury. Many jobs require manual labour in one form or the other including; stacking shelves, lifting boxes, handling equipment, lifting animals, working on a conveyor line plus many more. Jobs that require lifting and repetitive tasks are at high risk of injury if no guidelines are put in place.

Safe and Healthy offer expert manual handling training for Brisbane businesses. Each training program is tailored to the needs of a company and their workforce. We provide an onsite or online discovery session to really understand each business before delivering manual handling training online.

What Effects Can Improper Manual Handling Have on Your Business?

The Australian economy depletes by around $61 billion each year due to workplace related injuries. An estimated 82% of this cost is covered by workers and employers. 30% of this total is due to manual handling accidents, which probably could have been avoided with the correct manual handling training.

Safe and Healthy are passionate about reducing workplace injuries for all employees including desk workers and those with labour intensive roles. We believe manual handling is 20% posture, how you lift and how you move and 80% how you look after yourselves. Our specialist team provides the best manual handling training online, to suit the needs of your business.

Benefits of Manual Handling Training for Business and Employees

Safe and Healthy tailors manual handling training depending on the role and organisation. Our highly skilled team helps reduce manual handling injuries in the workplace through engaging visual content. Some benefits include;

  • Tools to better manage MSK injuries
  • More informed supervisors, managers and workers
  • Have an exact plan to manage worksite injuries
  • Decrease in medical costs and insurance claims
  • Employees understand what causes injury and how to prevent it
  • Increased ability to manage current health problems
  • Future proof the workplace from further on the job injuries

Overview of Safe and Healthy Manual Handling Training Brisbane

We don’t just show you how to work safely, our experts like to inspire change in the mindset, behavior and thought patterns of all employees. Our manual handling training is the complete package to reduce and prevent risk in the workplace. Training includes;

  • Onsite or online discovery session
  • Framework for early identification
  • Learning what causes pain and injury plus how to prevent it
  • How to move in the workplace
  • How to support staff onsite
  • Develop Manual handling champions