Coordinated vs Integrated Care

From a recent Queensland conference it was clear that early Allied health intervention to injured workers makes a difference. Of course we know that, and have known that for some time, what was also interesting was the clear role that communication and direct management play in i...
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The Injury Symposium

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) symposium 2017 Safe & Healthy talking to industry leaders at MSD symposium. In 2017, Workcover data showed us that 47% of claims were MSD in origin, thats why prevention is the key! At Safe & Healthy prevention also encompasses strategies t...
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Both organic and conventionally-grown foods can provide all the nutrients required when included as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Neither is better or worse from a nutrition standpoint. Like any purchase, buying food is a personal choice – often based on a number of factors...
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New website and new offerings

Welcome to the new Safe & Healthy website! After a recent trip to The States to see how they improve the health and well-being of their employees we are making a change. After 6 years of helping numerous companies with their RTW strategies we are adding Wellness to our packa...
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PPE…Whats the cost?

Combining our health knowledge and recent literature Safe and Healthy  look at the cost of using a Respirator mask to protect the worker from airborne contaminants. We know that when users are required to wear a mask they cannot perform work as long or as hard while wearing the ...
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Chronic Disease

A recent trip to The States gives insight Health expenditure significantly increases as we get older, American companies are looking to save money on insurance costs in an ageing workforce, so they are approaching it a few different ways. 1. Demanding more from their Health care...
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