Fatigue Management Course Brisbane

Fatigue in the workplace not only threatens to lower productivity, but it can become a danger to your employee’s safety. Some work sectors will be more effected by fatigue than others, especially when shift work is a part of the routine.

Fatigue is defined as a mental or physical exhaustion which can reduce the ability to execute work effectively and safely. The main causes of fatigue can stem from a job, lifestyle or both. Safe and Healthy offer expert fatigue management courses onsite and online, to show your workers how to manage fatigue in the workplace and finish their shifts safely every time.

Who Are Most at Risk from Fatigue?

While anyone can experience fatigue at some point in their life, those most at risk are night workers, shift workers, those operating at a fixed or mobile plant, emergency service workers, repetitive job workers, long haul vehicle drivers and jobs requiring a high level of concentration.

Safe and Healthy will review your fatigue policy and discuss with workers and management the possible risks onsite. From this gathered information, we develop a plan to roll out customised fatigue management training across all your venues.

How Can Fatigue Impact the Workplace?

Fatigue can effect employee’s mental health, productivity and the health and safety of everyone around them. Common signs of fatigue are lowered alertness, slow reactions and the inability to make the right decisions. Areas of work most at risk are;

  • Driving long haul as a truck driver, courier or taxi driver
  • Operating machinery at a mobile or fixed high risk plant
  • Working at heights like a builder or roofer
  • Mentally stressful or repetitive roles in the workplace
  • Dealing with explosive or flammable substances
  • Hazardous work like dealing with electrics and machinery
  • Shift workers, long hours and night workers

Benefits of Workplace Fatigue Prevention Brisbane

Safe and Healthy have been dealing with workplace fatigue prevention across Brisbane for many years. Our training includes corporate sleep programs, employee education on sleep and shiftwork, leadership training for managers, a workplace review, sleep testing and ongoing support. Benefits of our fatigue management training include;

  • Lowering accidents and injury
  • Getting tired workers to the end of a shift safely
  • Risk management strategies for tired workers
  • Improved compliance to WHS act
  • Decrease in medical costs and compensation claims
  • Improved sleep health for employees
  • Understand what causes fatigue and how to minimise it
  • Encourage employees to discuss fatigue with managers