Health and Safety Programs in Brisbane

If you keep your employees safe and healthy, this directly impacts the success of your business for the better. A happy and healthy workforce, relates directly to more productivity and increased profits. Safe and Healthy provides work injury prevention programs for Brisbane businesses that improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff.

Our team is made up of skilled physiotherapists and Allied health professionals with years of experience in workplace health, safety and injury prevention. Depending on your budget, employee health issues and your business goals, we’ll custom design a wellness and safety program that suits your needs.

What’s Included in a Brisbane Work Injury Prevention Program?

Our innovative health and safety programs have been tried and tested to get incredible results. We will fully customise each workplace wellness program to suit your specific needs right at this moment. Your dedicated team will continually monitor, plan and communicate with your management to assess and adjust moving forwards.

  • Injury management. We train your team to identify injuries at the earliest possible stage which improves outcomes and develops control
  • We provide site leaders and employees with on-demand video training and workplace injury prevention tools through the health hub such as Manual Handling Champions, Body Activation warm ups and Hydration awareness programs
  • Bespoke wellness initiatives are delivered according to your unique needs. Some examples are; Healthy Mind Course, Sleep & Fatigue Program Planning and Yoga/Pilates classes
  • Personal onsite health checks and consultations with your dedicated workplace health team

Healthy, Happy Workers Leads to a Healthy, Profitable Business

The investment you make in your health and safety program will be returned ten fold by lowering the financial strain on your business. More benefits for your employees and business include;

  • Injuries are assessed, diagnosed and treated on the spot reducing costs associated with employee sickness
  • Early intervention for small niggles and aches to prevent the increase in severity
  • A workplace health team will work with your business to see where improvements can be made, every workplace is unique and we customise this for you and your team
  • If a workplace injury happens, your dedicated physio can put a plan in place for modification of duties and until they make a complete return to work
  • Compensation and insurance claims will be kept at a minimum with early intervention from a workplace physio