Onsite Physiotherapy in Brisbane

Safe and Healthy offer leading injury management services for businesses in Brisbane. Staff aches, pains and injuries that are not treated quickly, can have a financial impact on the business and employee. The injured employee may have to take time off work, reducing workplace productivity which can lead to a claim.

These types of situations can be avoided by enlisting the help of an onsite Brisbane physio. Safe and Healthy are more than just physiotherapists, we work on improving the wellness of your entire organisation through continual data and tracking of your procedures. We believe in a proactive approach to employee health, providing early intervention and injury management, to keep the team happy, healthy and at work.

Benefits of a Workplace Physio for Your Business

There are many benefits of workplace physiotherapy for your whole team. Alongside managing injuries, we provide prevention and wellness training including a healthy minds course, manual handling guidance, weekly yoga and Pilates classes plus much more. If your team stays healthy, your business stays healthy. Benefits of an onsite physio include;

  • Injuries are assessed, diagnosed and treated on the spot reducing costs associated with employee sickness
  • Early intervention for small niggles and aches to prevent the increase in severity
  • A workplace physio will roam your business to see where improvements can be made and to educate employees on correct manual handling techniques
  • If a workplace injury happens, your onsite physio can put a plan in place for the modification of duties and the amount of time required to rest
  • Compensation and insurance claims will be kept at a minimum with early intervention from a workplace physio

Why Choose Safe and Healthy as Your Brisbane Workplace Physios?

Are you tired of losing staff to workplace injuries? Do you want to prevent workplace injuries from occurring? Safe and Healthy bring healthcare expertise, support and management to your organisation. We don’t lock you into a contract but work on a fee for outcome model. What we promise to deliver;

  • Reduced MIT/LTI
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Improved health outcomes for staff
  • Improved diversity
  • Healthy ageing action plans

Results Driven Injury Management Services Brisbane

Most injuries are avoidable and ultimately preventable. We take a two pronged approach using education and early detection. Your onsite physio will work tirelessly with your organisation to continually improve safety practices, making the working environment a happier, healthier and more productive place. We’ve helped over a hundred of Brisbane businesses reduce and prevent injuries. Call us or request a free quote online.