The Injury Symposium

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) symposium 2017

Safe & Healthy talking to industry leaders at MSD symposium. In 2017, Workcover data showed us that 47% of claims were MSD in origin, thats why prevention is the key!

At Safe & Healthy prevention also encompasses strategies to manage an injury to ensure we reduce common law claims. Only 4% of Workcover MSD claims progressed to a common law claim, however this represented 42% of the cost.

Things for you to focus on today…..

  1. Think about what you do int he first 48hrs of an injury being reported, contact the employee, ask if they are OK
  2. What is the Supervisor/Managers role in this process, we know they must be involved to reduce risk of poor outcome
  3. Do you have a high quality Provider network surrounding your organisation?

Prevent injuries from occurring and prevent them becoming a problem for all stakeholders with some simple tools from our team.

Yours in Health

Safe & Healthy

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